This online Emergency First Aid course is suitable for everyone in every workplace and every home; you never know when you may require to use first aid knowledge and skills. you will develop the knowledge  and boost your confidence to act in a potentially life-threatening situation.

Using  Crownlinks Academy learning resources including videos and audio will provide you with all the information needed to be able to recognise emergency situations, treat conditions and reactions and ensure that you can take appropriate action at the time of an incident.

Remember, however, that you should always seek medical advice before taking action in case of emergency. This online training is purely for guidance purposes only and does not replace your practical training where applicable

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Course Information

Estimated Time: 1 day

Difficulty: Intermediate


Course Instructor

ade crown ade crown Author

Payment Plan

3 years of access

Section 1: Understand the roles and responsibilities of a first aider.

Patient Assessment

Section 3 Managing the Unconscious Casualty

Section 4 Resuscitation

Section 5 The choking casualty

Section 6 Bleeding and wound management

Section 7 Shock management

Section 8 Minor injuries and burns

Section 9 Assessment & Feedback

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