Who is this qualification for?

The ILM Level 7 NVQ Strategic Management and Leadership (601/3241/3) is ideal for senior managers or those about to take their first step into senior management. The qualification centres around developing the strategic leadership and management skills needed to suceed at this high level.

Benefits for you

  • Develop skills in strategic business planning
  • Get an in-depth understanding of what is expected from leaders and managers
  • learn to lead strategically and evaluate your impact on your organisation
  • Get a recognised qualification for your personal development

Course Information

Course Instructor

Ade Inaolaji Ade Inaolaji Author

Payment Plan

1 year of access

Payment Plan

per month for 8 total payments
1 year of access

8624-700 Develop a Strategic Business Plan 5credits L7 GLH 31

8624-701 Execute a Strategic Business Plan 5 credits Level 7 GLH 29

8624-702 Provide Strategic Leadership and Direction 6 credits L7 GLH 39

8624-703 Develop a business Strategy 6 credits Level 7 GLH 41

8624-704 Establish Organisational Governance Controls 4 credits L7 GLH 26

8624-705 Shape Organisational Culture and Values 5credits L7 GLH35

8624-706 Manage Strategic Human Resources 5 credits L7 GLH 23

8624-707 Obtain Financial Resources 6 credits L7 GLH 20

8624-708 Lead the Development of a Knowledge Management Strategy 7credits L7 GLH33

This section does not have any lessons.

8624-709 Lead the Development of a Quality Strategy 4 credits L7 GLH 20

8624-710 Lead the Development of a Continous improvement Strategy 5credits L7 GLH28

8624-503 Establish Business Risk Management Process 5 credits Level 5 GLH29

8624-504 Promote Equality of Opportunity, Diversity and Inclusion 5 credits L5 GLH 26

8624-501 Design Business Processes 5 credits L5 GLH 23

8624-505 Develop and Manage Collaborative Relationships with Other Organisations 5 credits L5 GLH 28

8624-506 Optimise the use of Technology 6 credits L5 GLH 29

8624-507 Manage Product and or Service Development 5 credits L5 GLH23

8624-508 Manage Strategic Marketing Activities 5 credits L7 GLH 28

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